Perhaps after spending close to a year without stepping on a football pitch and not knowing how a ball looks like musician big size Bebe Cool finally accepted producer Bushington’s request to participate in a non competitive charity football match at held Lugogo stadium over the weekend.

This time round it wasn’t Bebe Cool’s attendance that caught the attention of spectators at Lugogo  but rather his Pathetic display on the pitch left every body wowed at how unfit he was given the fact that he spends most of his time at the gym working out.


Clad in a white jersey Bebe Cool couldn’t control the ball at close range and failed on the ground several times as spectators cheered on

On the sideline to encourage him go on with the game was with his long time bae and mother to his kids Zuena Kimera

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After having putting in a disappointing display on the afternoon some fans began reflecting on King Saha’s assertion that Bebe Cool eats alot of pork in Nankulabye and that only could have affected his fitness levels