When it was announced that celebrated local singer big size  Bebe Cool and former NTV news anchor will be hosted at NBS’s political talk show the Barometer to dissect the issues currently affecting Uganda’s political and musical arena, a number of people predicted to witness one of the nosiest talk show in the country.

And just like most people had anticipated it turned out that Joel Senyonyi and Bebe kept on bickering while throwing endless jabs at each other through out the talk show


As a way of antagonizing his opponent, Joel came with a plan to annoy Bebe Cool from the onset as he kept on telling him how he has limited knowledge in the filed of politics and law.

Joel’s hard hitting punches seemed to land in the right places as Bebe Cool was seen uncontrollably annoyed by the remarks that he should only have debated the segment of music and not politics

”When you invited me to thios show i thought Bebe Cool was onlyu going to debate music and not things to do with politics because from what he is saying it is clear he has limited knowlege on the law and politics of this country’‘ a bullish Senyonyy said while pressing on Bebe Cool’s emotional nerves

As a way of defending himself Bebe replied by saying he’s a very successfully musician who would have not achieved all he has achieved without knowing the law and politics of the country

Again in a much subtle way Joel struck sensationally claiming ”even a dead clock is right twice day”  perhaps meaning Bebe could right  about being succesful but that doesn’t remove the fact that he is clueless on the politics and law