You being an ardent fan of a certain musician doesn’t necessarily give you a passport to indulge into their personal affairs or act like some ass damn dimwit when it comes to giving out advise on social media.

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If you ever feel like giving out sensible advise to an artist concerning their dress code in public then certainly it shouldn’t be like Aine Imran’s rude comment on Lydia Jazmine’s picture posted on Facebook.

The ‘Masuka’ hit maker was forced to act emotionally when one of her fans commented with a mean comment saying he ”deeply loves her but doesn’t like the y way she dresses”

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On seeing the mean comment a fired up Lydia Jazmine immediately replied telling the fan to find his level and go to where he likes

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Aine Imran go where you like” Jazmine replied implying if Aine doesn’t like her dress code he should go and follow people that dress the way he likes