The church is supposed to be a safe haven where believers congregate to celebrate Jesus, learn his teachings and open up on their struggles.

A Ghanaian prophet, Nigel Gaisie, has taken these teachings too far after claiming that he has the power to resurrect celebrated basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.

The man of God made this known while preaching and prophesying to his congregation, saying that, the Lord had instructed him to bring back to life the NBA legend.

“The Lord just took me into the spirit world, and I have seen a great man fall…This news will shake the entire world because of how great this man is. I see a lot of people on social media talking about the man for weeks to come and I see a lot of sad faces.

“America will mourn this great man. The Lord then instructed me to announce to the family of this man, the American embassy in Ghana and the entire world that He the Lord has not sanctioned the death of this man,” Gaisie said.

He went on with the soliloquy, “Nigel, tell the family of this man and tell the entire world, should they agree to pay my tithes and offerings I will use you as a vessel to bring this man and his daughter back to life.”

The controversial prophet, however, gave a condition before resurrecting Kobe and his daughter.

“The man is worth 500 million dollars (Sh50 billion) and should the family agree to give 10 per cent (Sh5 billion) of his income to me, I will bring them back to life. Thus sayeth the Lord! Without the money, I cannot bring him and the little girl back.”

He further asked his congregation to pray in tongues and thank God for wanting to use him for such a great miracle.

Gaisie also warned his congregation not to doubt his words or else face some serious consequences.