Henrikh was brought to Arsenal in a swap deal between Arsenal and Manchester United and involving Sanchez. However, his impact at Arsenal was never really felt, even when he played under Wenger. He is a player with a lot of skills and ball winning abilities, but he never really made it playing in tge Premiership, and that was why he was sent on loan.

Henrikh once claimed in the last that Arsenal made him promises at the beginning of this season but after just two weeks those promises were not kept and so when his agent called him yo propose the idea of joining Roma, he did not think twice. He claimed he didn’t even discuss finances because he was not fitting so well into English football so he thought a change would be good.

With Nelson, Pepe, Saka and Martinelli playing well, i do not think there will be any space for Henrikh in Arsenal. The best thing is for Arsenal to reduce their asking price or Mkhitaryan join a club where he feels happy.