Police in Rukungiri district is investigating a case of Mob justice involving a 30year old man who was clobbered to death on suspicion of theft.

Niwamanya Deus a resident of Bisika A, Bwanda parish, Buhunga sub-county met his sudden demise on the evening of Thursday 27th of Feb after one Yusufu ganged a group of people still at large that pounced on him after accusing him of stealing a solar panel.

According to Turyahabwa Vincent the chairman lC1 Bisika A, Buhunga sub-county they informed the police who arrived a little too late only to found a lifeless body of the lynched victim on the ground.

Elly Maate the Kigezi regional police spokesperson condemned the act of mob justice and says police dispatched its homicide team together with uniformed police to visit the crime scene.

He says the body of the deceased was taken to Rwakabengo health center 3 mortuary for postmortem, inquiries into the incident as well as hunting for those involved is ongoing.

According to a 2018 annual crime police report, cases of mob justice have been on the rise in Uganda, Murder as a result of mob action increased by 5.5% from the year 2017

Article 22 section 1 of the Constitution gives every Ugandan freedom to a fair trial. The article states that “No person shall be deprived of life intentionally except in execution of a sentence passed in a fair trial by a court of competent jurisdiction in respect of a criminal offense under the laws of Uganda and the conviction and sentence have been confirmed by the highest appellate court.”