Immediately after squashing all the reports that he was dating bootylicious NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe, celebrated Rnb singer Bruno K  has today morning taken to NTV main studios to do an interview with the same woman the rumor mill says his secretly seeing.

During his interview on ‘Mwasuze mutya’ Bruno continued to distance him self from all the baseless rumors linking him to Faridah Nakazibwe although the ‘one for the road’ hit maker  did admit that he was still close friends with the renown media personality.

After clearing the air and putting the record straight for people not to buy into the rumors, the well built and super talented vocalist just couldn’t the Seran based TV station without singing for Faridah off the set .

Perhaps after being requested  by Faridah to do an akapella of one of his songs after the show as he got recorded on camera, Bruno K melted the sexy anchor’s heart by doing a rendition of his song with such a soothing song.

From the clip that Bruno shared later on on Instagram an impressed Faridah is seen singing along to the love song with ease and passion

Check out the video below;