Goodlyfe singer Moses Sekibogo Nakintije aka Mowzey Radio who passed on over a year ago is back to life in a new song with London based Ugandan musician called AVM on a song called “Nkoye” whose music video has just been released.

When talent joins forces, then magic takes over and this is the kind of touch we have witnessed in AVM’s latest music video with Mowzey Radio and even though he wasn’t around for the shooting of the music video, AVM made sure she got a right look alike of him to feature in the music video.

Nkoye audio was recorded under Eli Arkhis music before Mowzey Radio succumbed after a bar brawl hence leaving the song to be mastered by Artin pro with the original master lyrics of Mowzey Radio.

Nkoye music video was shot and directed by Steve Sugar FX and it was with this artistic touch that they brought Mowzey Radio back to life.

Watch Nkoye Music video below:

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