Police in Kajjansi Town, Wakiso District, have arrested a pastor and 30 of his followers for defying the Presidential directives.

Pastor Rashid Mutebi of Blessed Feelings Church International located in Gobe, Kajjansi, and his followers were busted on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, by police following a tipoff from nearby residents of a group of people illegally holding prayers.

Police released the panicking flock after a serious warning but picked up the Pastor who is currently being held at the Kajjansi Police station.

The pastor claims that the Christians he was still looking for money to facilitate transport for Christians who had traveled from far to return homes.

The government has banned all public gatherings for one month in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID 19 . These include all religious gatherings, political and social events, Weddings, Mass burials among others

Religious leaders have since resorted to televised messages as a means of communicating to their flock.