The former Gunners captain says he felt that only two of his Emirates stadium team mates were o the same ‘mental and technical’ level as him in his latter period at the club.

Cesc Fabregas says the lack of quality in the Arsenal dressing room was one of the reasons he ended up leaving the Gunners, as he only deemed two of his team mates as being up to scratch.

The stylish midfielder left Arsenal to return to boyhood club Barcelona in the summer of 2011, and would come back to the premier league three years later with Chelsea.

“Sometimes, i used to go home after we lost and i used to cry, i used to suffer, i used to spend sleepless nights suffering.”

Fabregas was ultimately the first of the trio to leave the club in 2011, with Nasri joining Manchester City a matter of days later and Robin Van Persie going on to win the golden boot at Arsenal before a move to Manchester United in 2012.