Well do you know that some babes shine brighter than their future? Here we are not talking about those who were born light skinned but rather those who have injected an eye-watering amount of dime just to look like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce!

Due the power of Mama Lususu’s ‘Kizigo’, these particular babes manage to cook and turn their dark skins into brown or yellow.

Literally even God will be confused about their identity…Hmm by the time Sevo will free us from the Coronavirus lock down many of these babes will have perhaps changed to another color.

Well one of local media outlet, Da Final Channel has listed top 10 bleaching female celebrities in the country and guess what? according to the list, most of our treasured artists apparently do bleach!

We feel there is a need for you to check them out in a clip below;


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