Weeks after a video of Azziad Nasenya dancing to ‘Utawezana’ a song by Femi One and Mejja the damsel received a job offer from WCB.

Eye candy: Azziad Nasenya, the dancer and actor

She however turned down the offer by the Wasafi management stating that she couldn’t work with them.

‘I have never liked Diamond. He is a woman eater and has no respect for women. I will not accept this job.

I preserve my dignity and do not work with those without morals.

I don’t take the opportunity for granted.’

9 mouth watering videos of Utawezana challenge online sensation Azziad

She was quick to thank them for the offer though.

”I wanna thank them for all that recognition and giving me a chance, but I have to make my decision as a woman.”

After her video went viral Azziad disclosed that she recently landed a lead role on a soon-to-air TV show.

The 19 year old also got a chance to feature on Kenya’s biggest entertainment show 10/10 which airs on Citizen TV.

Although the details are still scanty we are still waiting to see what show that will be.

Below is a video that shot her to the limelight.

Nasenya is indeed a lucky girl!https://www.instagram.com/p/B5HuU6Xh4Lc/

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