Bobi Wine Thursday morning shared a picture of himself and Dr. Kizza Besigye having breakfast.

Bobi Wine real names Robert Kyagulanyi is the MP for Kyadondo East and the flag holder of pressure group People Power.

Bobi who turned to politics after two decades of singing, late last year declared his intentions to stand for President.

The Kyadondo East MP drop Thursday morning to his political ally Dr. Kizza Besigye at his home in Kasangati.

The youthful politician slipped into a grey Nigerian top while his friend Dr. Besigye wore his trade mark checkered hoodie.

The pair whose main agenda is unseat President Yoweri Museveni looked all in smiles from the picture Bobi shared on his Twitter handle.

Dr. Besigye is the former President of the biggest opposition party Forum for Democratic Change FDC. He is also the President of The Peoples Government.

Dr. Besigye served his friend Bobi with bananas (locally known as amenvu) and a red flask full of milk served in white cups. He comes from Rukungiri where milk is in plenty.

While the pair smiled for the camera, they have a rough ride ahead of the general elections come 2021. There is talk on the corridor they may be postponed.

President Museveni talked about June to make a clear decision on the fate of the elections in his address to the nation recently.

Bobi Consultations

Police granted Bobi permission sometime this year to go ahead with countrywide consultations. Hardly had he kick started the consultations when the pandemic of Covid-19 struck.

Bobi while sipping the cup full of milk knew he was seated with a man who has had the bite of an election. He also knew had besides him a man who had traveled the entire country combing for support for his cause for change.

President Museveni in his address also hinted that elections were not a problem. That they can be done in a short space of time.

This, obviously sends a wrong signal to Bobi and his political friends Dr. Besigye, Norbert Mao and Major Gen. Mugisha Muntu who are all pushing to be on the ballot paper.

It would mean they would have little time to access the masses. President Museveni is on TV and radio literally every week.

Joint candidate

Bobi Wine and Dr. Besigye munching on a sweet banana know it is going to be bitter for them to fight their own wars. Will they have to drop their supporters’ pressure to pick a candidate to battle the President? Will the breakfast have started the conversation? Bobi is in the good books of Gen. Muntu. Mao thinks the musician has antagonized his Democratic Party. Dr. Besigye and Mao aren’t very distant. Dr. Besigye and Muntu disagree on each others methodology of work but when it comes to the cause, it is possible for them to come to the round table.

MPs Covid-19 cash

Bobi castigated Parliament for blindly pocketing Shs20M leaving many of his opposition colleagues bitter. He described the act as a fraud. Ibrahim Ssemujju the opposition chief whip in Parliament campaigned aggressively for MPs to be facilitated given the load they had on their shoulders to feed their constituencies. Bobi Knows he pressed the right button but it exploded on his allies. Dr. Besigye and Ssemujju are like needle and thread.

People Power departures

Dr. Besigye retweeted a tweet by journalist Ivan Okuda who opined on the recent change of heart of Bobi’s right hand men Blogger Ashburg Kato who defected to NRM. Okuda tweeted: “It’s hard to build a political movement whose base is unemployed youth in a society where the wheel of patronage politics is always oily. At the end of the day they gravitate towards the source of their own survival. Totally understandable. Don’t bash these young people.” Bobi will have rushed to Dr. Besigye to share with him on how he has handled defections and still held on. FDC has seen high profile departures in the recent years. They include; Beatrice Anywa, Beti Kamya and Mugisha Muntu among others.