For the past few days, local media outlets have been filled with stories of singer John Blaq’s bitter row and split from his management.

For starters, Black Magic is headed by two blood brothers, Norman Kitti and Kenneth Kalobe who double as the singer’s cousins.

Well, With all the rumor of parting ways still going on, we have exclusively learnt that John Blaq met with  Norman and Kenneth recently and the details of what transpired in a meeting to sort their misunderstandings have emerged.

Relationship between the two parties went blowing after the ‘Ebyalagirwa’ hit star reportedly discovered that his team had pocketed close to Shs70 million of the management company’s accounts in which John Blaq himself is a co director.

Initially the fall out was hinged on a sex scandal where the singer had been accused of having been caught red handed having intercourse with one of the managers’ fiance. This website has however since established that the accusation was baseless and untrue since both the managers and the singer refuted it.

“There has never been any disagreement between us involving a woman. That’s just cooked up by some bad people to ruin our relationship,” said one of the directors of Black Magic Records company in a conversation with us.

We have also reliably established that John Blaq and his said managers actually hail from the same family. The three are cousins who grew up in the same family.
They are Kolobe Kenneth and Kitti Norman of whom, the singer is the youngest at 23 years of age.

The relationship amongst them is not an artiste – manager one but rather a co directorship in the Black Records Management company. Kolobe and Kitti have 80% shares in the company while John Blaq own the remaining 20%.

In a bid to resolve the impasse between the two parties, we have further learnt that there was a meeting convened on last Saturday in Kireka where the two majority share holders proposed an offer to buy the singer’s shares. The offer on table was however not convincing enough for him to swallow. He outrightly rejected it on consultation with his legal team headed by Council Andrew Obama.

“The Directors set, some terms of transfer of shares or a buy out on the part of my client were not favorable, so we hope to have a conclusive meeting on Tuesday. Curran it’s a company (Directors affair) and it’s how it’s being treated.

“The general public needs to know that John Blaq and his cousins have agreed to handle the issues at hand by adhering to the requisite due process on how Company issues are concerned.Soon a resolution will be extracted and lodged with the company registry.” Andrew Obam, the singer’s Lawyer opened up.