If you have been giving it up to  singer Rema Namakula for always keeping it simple, plain and decent when it comes to dressing, renown City socialite Judith Heard thinks otherwise about the singing sensation.

While being hosted on a local TV channel to discuss issues to do with sexuality and objectification ,Judith Heard blasted and criticizes Rema for always putting on like a nun and yet she’s in an industry that demands women to flaunt their sexy bodies

The American based socialite came down hard on Kenzo’s ex girl friend as she opened up why she prefer Pia Pounds music videos to hers

”Part of the reason why i don’t enjoy Rema’s music videos is because they lack that little bit of sexiness. I for example enjoy watching  Pia pouinds music compared to Rema

Judith Heard being a mother herself got some of us thinking why the hell on earth  would she prefer Rema exposing  her body to the worlsd but then we remembered that she has a good track record in nudity