Former NBS TV presenter Anita Fabiola has finally opened up on love and marriage!

Oh yes, this shouldn’t surprise you! Fabiola has seen it all; endured countless heartbreaks from ‘smart-wires’ like King Lawrence and Meddie Ssentongo but still managed pick up herself.

The stunning socialite says that since she met her American based boyfriend, Mark Ronald her love-life changed for good. And now she has all reasons to settle down, make babies and start a family with her Mr. Right.

“ Basically I’m not on the social scene. I don’t go out because I’m settled down and I fly out every after the show to spend time with my man and support him during the season. If everything goes well, we are planning to get married,” the 26 years old media personality said in an interview.

Like a snake which has survived being stoned to death, Fabiola does not want any city slay queen near her man and jealously tight marks him to avoid temptations. She often avoids revealing much about the bedroom skilled Prince Charming who hit the jackpot on won her heart!

Furthermore, Fabiola says that she is in the final stages of opening up her clothing line.

“I’m also working on a ‘Miss Fabulous’ clothing line which is being produced in LA sponsored by my boyfriend line”, she revealed.