Singer cum politician Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka HE. Bobi Wine is set to hold another massive online show this Sunday. Bobi Wine took it to his social media pages yesterday and made the announcement.

Bobi Wine

“This Sunday, Nubian and I, in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa, will host you to a cool musical afternoon. Just charge your phone and load your data, ebilala bikwase Kyagulanyi.Are you ready???”, his caption read.

However faded singer Full Figure claim that the show was already recorded four days back as Sevo was addressing the Nation.

Full Figure

Full Figure fusses that the People Power honcho was paid 700 million shillings by donors.

“4 days back on Monday I posted at around 9pm and told you that someone was busy recording a concert at Busabala and that he was soon announcing dates and will pretend to be live many of you attacked me saying I was saying false stuff Kati today someone is saying his coming for alive Facebook concert on Sunday Kati oba who is fooling who??? Even last time I warned that the all thing was recorded  Mujooga Mujooga.
Nabagamba tewali kye mukola nga tetumanyi tubaleka bulese mwelabise.”, she busted Bobi’s bubble.

In May this year, Bobi held his first online concert in which he broke and set a new record. The show attracted over 28000 active viewers on Facebook.