In Feb 2019 when Sheilah Gashumba and boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan’s love was just at the peak, pics of God’s plan and his wife together with children surfaced which created mixed reactions from fans and sadists.

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In fact, many were laughing at Sheilah for having a ‘co-wife’ at her age.

To make matters worse, it is now alleged that God’s Plan ate Sheilah’s beans and run back to his real family, wife, and kids and poured out his deep emotions to them.

Through his Instagram, Marcus  deleted Sheila Gashumba’s photos and left many at loss for words when he instead posted a photo of his family.

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The photo showed the Happy Marcus chilling out with his ex wife and his kids. Now Sheilah has taken a while without posting God’s Plans’ pics yet it was her usual habit to keep online in-laws updated.

A few months ago, the former Arsenal Junior player took to snapchat revealing how he is a bit revealed and happy.

“I feel like i just escaped from prison. Dear God thank you” – He God’s Plan wrote.

Sheilah remains mute and seem so scared. However she is doing better financially after signing another mega money deal.

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