There is no doubt that celebrated local singer Rema Namakula is one of the most beautiful female musicians Uganda has ever had since independence.

One can argue that the star vocalist has exponentially amassed her huge following partly because of her amazing beauty and stunning hot looks.

But despite all the praise Rema has gotten because of her beautiful looks, the ‘Ekyama’ hit maker has always kept it simple and decent in her dress code.

As singers like Sheebah and Winnie Nwagi are proud of often flaunting their thighs and legs, Rema has always kept it simple and elegant with her long dresses and trousers.

As a result no fan or member of the public has gotten a chance to get a glance on Rema’s magnificent thighs or brown legs.

This weird and strange record can be attributed to Rema’s strict upbringing and tight religious principles. It is said that the sweet voiced singer grew up in a poor and humble back ground that respected all Islam laws and teachings.

It is therefore these teachings that have had a ripple effect on the singer that even today she can’t afford to give her fans a glimpse of what her mama gave her.