Yesterday morning social media woke up to rather shocking news that retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rev Stanley Ntagali had failed to over temptation and entangled with a sexy bootylicious Nyaru babe.

It was also reported that Ntagali who is a happily married man had been sniffing around for almost a year eating another man’s officially wedded wife an act that straight away tantamounts into adultery.

Later on after the news had already spread like wild fire , sumptuous pictures of the babe in question began popping out in all forms and style.

In a bid to get more information about this particular babe our snoops got in touch with a friend who claims to know her from high school  and like most  female pals turn out to be she intimidated to us that Ntagali’s side hen was just looking to have fan and wasn’t interested in stealing property like some news outlets have been reporting.

It should be noted that some sources had started claiming how the waterlogged Babe was holding Ntagali to ransom for money lest she releases his nudes to the public.

”My friend wasn’t interested in Ntagali’s money. Infact i can tell you that she was in it for fun and nothing more” a source which preferred anonymity intimated to us