Songbird Nina Roz might be a star but she is not afraid of telling the world about her dark sex-crets!

Nina Roz cannot shy away from her dark past

The tall and sexy singer has opened up how she used to serve her sumbie to loaded Men for money. Nina claims she used all tribes of drugs to help her calm down since life was a real hustle.

Appearing on NBS Television with Karitas Karisimbi on The ChatRoom, she dropped the bombshell.

“I used to date men just because they had money, I was still so young but i needed to survive so I did anything i could just to get money. Now i know everything about dating such men, and I can never get back to that life. I did it all.

Nina bonking Andre now days

To calm myself down, I used to drink and use all kinds of drugs, i did marijuana, beers and everything you can ever think of”Nina Roz revealed.

Following her confession, Nina, who is currently bonking multi-award winning Muzzinyi Daddy Andre took to her Instagram account and further asserted;

“I cannot change my past but I can certainly use it to change my future.
The right one will know all your weaknesses and never use them against you”.

Screenshot of Nina’s post on instagram