Emotions flow as Pin Sized TV presenter MC Kats sends lovley daughter Abby Katamba touching message.

Despite having most his relationships fall on a hard rock, celebrated TV presenter Edwin Katamba popularly known as MC Kats has always had a good name when it comes to caring and providing for his daughters.

MC Kats

Infact a close friend to Kats once intimated to us that the hyper active Emcee can take a bullet just to see her daughters go one of the best schools in the country.

MC Kats
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To qualifier this narration, all of Kat’s daughters go to top class traditional schools like Namagunga, Gayanza and Seeta high.

As father, MC Kats wishes nothing but the best for his kids and this can be seen from his noble actions and love towards them.

MC Kats

Whether it is visitation day at school or a simple birthday celebration, MC Kats will always make life quite memorable for his kids.

And for that same reason, today being Abby Katamaba’s birthday (MC Kats’s last born), the after 5 TV presenter did the needful and posted a lovely message wishing her daughter a splendid earth strong day.

Kats and Abby

”Happy birthday .Abby love you lots” MC Kats posted

Abby being the only child he managed to get from a 10 year old affair he had with singer Fille Mutoni, MC Kats has always prioritized celebrating her birthday. It is therefore no surprise that Kats will always remember her birthday despite not staying with her on a day to day basis.

In the same related news Katamba’s new girl friend Caroline Marcah has today come out and condemned workmate Flavia Mwagi over stigmatizing Kats.

Marcah who is now enjoying Katamba’s long whopper claims that her workmate is so heartless to come out and stigmatize the TV Star because he is also a human being no matter his status.