A photo of a University Student who formed a WhatsApp group of people she allegedly infected with HIV has been making rounds on social media.

The description of the WhatsApp group was ‘ Y’all are connected here for one reason… AIDS  you’ll have it… Y’all got it from me’.

University student allegedly infects men with HIV

The babe is a Jomo Kenyatta University student with her Instagram profile name called Bambi. The pic has left people talking and even stigmatizing her. But after facing heavy criticism and backlash from the public and fellow students, the babe finally came out to make things clears.

Bambi lamented how she is also subjected to threats and stigmatization after the screenshot of her photo and WhatsApp group went viral.

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According toBambi, it was a prank to her fellow friends claiming she allegedly infected them with HIV. The student explained that she thought coming up with such a Whatsapp group would be funny. The under fire and pressure University student used a one blogger, Edgar Obare’s platform to open up.

Below is the video to this article.

Below is a screenshot from Edgar’s account.

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The under fire University student claims it was just a prank