Invited Bobi Wine snubbed Kabako introduction ceremony….

Yesterday music artist Roden Y Kabako’s fiance Jazira Namuddu officially introduced him to her parents in Mpigi.

Jazira introduced Kabako to her parents

Among the celebrities who escorted Kabako were Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Lydia Jazmine, Sheebah Karungi, Topic Kasente, King Saha among others.

Fellow invited artists like Bobi Wine, Ziza Bafana did not show up at the low budgeted ceremony.

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But Bobi Wine later on took to his Facebook page and congratulated the couple;

“A big congratulations to you my brother Roden Y Kabako and your dear wife Jazira. Webale kutuweesa kitiibwa mwana wa Maama. I wasn’t able to attend personally but I was with you in spirit. Ffe tujja kwegwaako ebyaffe but in the meantime, enjoy to the fullest. Barbie and I wish you a happy and fruitful marriage”, he posted

Kabako who couldn’t hold back his tears, explained that he got emotional because of too much joy and happiness for having achieved his dream of legalising his bonk sessions with Jazira ahead of the holy month of Ramadhan.

Sheebah and Lydia Jazmine honored Kabako’s invite

He expressed his gratitude towards his girlfriend for having not disappointed him.

Kabako said that this was the right time to reward his long time girlfriend with holy marriage having struggled together for all these years.

“I love Jazira so much. She is a real wife to me. I couldn’t wait to personally ask her for a hand in marriage,” Kabako said.

Invited Bobi Wine snubbed Kabako’s introduction ceremony

Kabako narrated that he met Namuddu seven years ago in a bar where he was working as an MC.

The two had earlier planned to have the function in June this year but due to the forthcoming holy month of Ramadhan, they were advised to rescheduled their Nikkah to a closer date.

Watch the video of how it went down;