Diamond’s Baby Mamas in holy month

We are all aware that Diamond Platnumz has three known baby mamas. Aside from their relationship drama, all of them are well established women.

Diamond’s Baby Mamas Rock In Muslim Attires As They Usher In Ramadhan

Zari the boss lady is running several businesses in South Africa. On the other hand, Hamisa Mobetto is a model and a fashion designer.

Diamond’ s third baby mama Tanasha is a successful female artist. This clearly indicates that Diamond has got a taste when it comes to dating. Zari is a very classy woman hence the name ‘ boss lady’ . She always flaunts her lavish lifestyle on social media.

Even in her mid forties, Zari’ s taste in fashion is fabulous. She has severally left many gushing on her photos on social media. She has also tried to maintain her a perfect body and she truly looks adorable. Let’ s not forget that she is a mother of five.

Zari preparing Futali

On the other hand, Hamisa Mobetto is also a mother of two. Hamisa is a fashion killer and many can attest to that. Her clothing line is among the best on in Africa. She has an exquisite taste when it comes to choosing and matching fabric colour, prints and patterns.

She has a large number of customers from all over Africa. Apart from her bomb business, she is also blessed with a perfect body. Being a designer means she is perfect when it comes to dressing up. She has a unique taste.

Well being a period of Ramadhan, Diamond’s baby mamas rocked in lovely hijabs as they began this special season. Zari shared a photo of herself in a black Muslim attire. She looked so cute in it.

Hamisa Mobetto slaying In Hijab

On the other hand, Hamisa Mobetto rocked in a colorful attire. She equally looked amazing and outstanding. They both wished their fellow Muslim a happy Ramadhan. May Allah bless them during this special season.

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Holy Zari humbles self in black Hijab