Legendary Master of ceremony Edwin Katamba, commonly known as MC Kats has lost his step mum and Aunty within 24 hours! MC Kats took to his Twitter handle and made the announcement, leaving his netizens sobbing.

MC Kats losses step mum and Auntie within 24 hours

He noted that the pair succumbed to this new deadly wave of variant Covid-19.

According to the pint size entertainer and TV personality, his step mother spent about a fortnight in the hospital fight for her dear life and later breathed her last.

The NBS After5 presenter notes that before he could clear the overwhelming hospital bills of his fallen mum, his Auntie also succumbed to the deadly pandemic and the cost for medication became unbearable.

“Lost my stem mum yesterday due to Covid-19. But the bill in two weeks is 13m. Lost my due to Covid today the bill is 17m. Omwavu waking. Wear your mask.” MC Kats tweeted. 

MC Kats’ tweet about the death of his step mum and auntie

About variant Covid-19;

When a virus replicates or makes copies of itself, it sometimes changes a little bit, which is normal for a virus. These changes are called “mutations”.

A virus with one or more new mutations is referred to as a “variant” of the original virus. This Covid-19 variant is more dangerous and it is currently ending people’s lives here in Uganda.

COVID-19 variants as per WHO

Please Mask up and follow Ministry of Health guidelines and save a life!