11th Parliament Passes Motion

The 11th parliament has debated and approved a motion that allows the expansion of cabinet to 80 ministers.

This comes after President Museveni asked that one more slot for Minister of state for the elderly be included to increase the number of ministers from 79 to 80 Ministers.

The motion was moved by the West Budama North MP, Fox Odoi who premised on article 113 of Uganda’s constitution.

The seconder of the motion was the Dokolo Woman Mp.Hon .Cecilia Ogwal.

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Ogwal said that the 10th Parliament had previously approved the representation of elders in parliament as a special interest group which required a cabinet postion. 

Articles 113 (2) and 114 (3) of the Constitution provides that the cabinet shall have a total number of 42 ministers (Cabinet and State) and that the president can only vary the number with the approval of parliament.

Much as it was approved, opposition Mps put up a good resistance and debate in protesting the same.

Vocal Kalungu West MP Joseph Ssewungu told the house that Uganda having 80 ministers is creating a burden for the nation which is already constrained by the COVID19 pandemic.

He asked the govt to borrow a leaf from the neighboring Kenya and Tanzania that has thrived their economies on only 23 ministers.

“ Kenya has over 70 million people and only 23 ministers. Tanzania has a bigger population but fewer ministers than us. We are creating these ministries for nothing Having 80 ministers is going to be a cost on Ugandans.We want to improve schools and deal with Covid and not increasing the cost. This is going to be a burden for Ugandans.”he stated

11th Parliament Passes Motion

Opposition chief whip, John Nambeshe said instead of focusing on numbers, interest should be put on service delivery.

“Instead, it increases public expenditure. We should be discussing other measures since the economy is punching below its weight. The president is obsessed with numbers as if it will be proportional to service delivery to the populace,” said Nambeshe.

Other Mps including Makindye West Mp Allan Sewanyana ,Kilak Mp Elijah Okupa among others declined the motion.

However , Mp’s like , Minister Chris Baryomunsi ,Santa Alum among others defended the motion.

Baryomunsi said there is evidence to show that an increase in the number of ministers and other political leaders leads to improved service delivery.

“There is statistical and scientific evidence to prove that the number of Ministers and political supervisors in the country has led to improvement of income indicators when it comes to social economic transformation and service delivery. For example, life expectancy at birth has improved, mortality rates have declined and people below poverty line have dropped,” Baryomunsi said.

Santa Alum, the Oyam Woman MP said that the11TH Parliament should not ignore its predecessors in the 10th Parliament who considered elders as a special interest group.

Speaker Oulanyah Finally cast the motion to a vote and the majority of MPs responded with Yes .