Diamond owns flashy and expensive cars but still sleeps in a rented crib…

Do you know that Tanzania Music superstar and arguably the richest musician in East Africa Diamond Platnumz still rents?

Last month Forbes Magazine Africa ranked him second on the list of richest artists in the region, behind Bobi Wine.

He came out and trashed the list and advised them to google him out! Clearly he wasn’t happy for underestimating his financial mightiness and vowed to show Forbes his real worth.

For the past two months Diamond has indeed walked the talk, shipping in multi billion posh rides. His parking lot is already full Big boys toys much as he still rents.

Some say loaded superstars are judged by the type of toy they drive, but I don’t know how true this is!

Currently, Diamond Platnumz boast of some of the most expensive rides in East Africa and even in Africa, as far as musicians are concerned. Today we shine the spotlight on the seven multi-million cars owned by Diamond.

2 Cadillac Escalade Black Edition

On June 23, 2021, Chibu Dangote reward himself with a new Cadillac Escalade Black Edition, a car whose interior befits that of a private jet.Weeks before buying the Cadillac Escalade Black Edition, Diamond had bought the Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain Edition (2015). His Baby Mama Zari Hassan totally loved the Sky Captain Edition (2015).

Toyota Landcruiser TX and Toyota Landcruiser V8

July 7, 2019, was a historic day for Chibu Dangote’s family after he opted to combine his mother’s Birthday party with that of his then girlfriend Tanasha Donna Oketch under the theme #707TheGreatGatsby.

During the Birthday party, Platnumz surprised Tanasha with a brand new Toyota Land-cruiser TX. However, after going their separate ways the car remained in Platnumz’s parking lot, and Ms Donna only uses it when she visits Tanzania.

They say when you love something buy it in twos, Yes! Platnumz owns two Toyota Land Cruiser V8s.

He bought the Toyota Landcruiser V8 200 series in 2018.


The BMW X6 was the first luxurious car that was bought by Diamond Platnumz back in 2014.

The BMW X6 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV by German automaker BMW. The BMW X6 is the originator of the sports activity coupé (SAC), referencing its sloping rear roof design.

Rolls Royce

This one is his latest machine! It is Blue and White in color. Rolls Royce is estimated to be at around US$350,000. So for Diamond to own one, fans wondered how he did it. wat, how many Rolls Royce are in Uganda? One? two, maybe? Okay.