Who do you think should feature on the list top UG female video vixens?

In Uganda more attention is given to artists who sing and people like songwriters, audio producers and videograpers plus vixens are sidelined.

The above mentioned category of people are not only under-looked but also under paid yet they do a remarkable job to make the song tick.

Fore instance, unlike in countries like US, video Vixens back here earn peanuts compared to the work they put in. Most of them cash in ‘Kizike’ per video they feature in.

Well, today we bring you a list of top freshest and hottest UG female video vixens who have entertained you regardless!

Brinah Slimbae

She is one of the hottest and freshest vixens today. Brinah features in John Blaq’s new single, Mbimala. She is famous on TitTok with a huge following.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi

Like Brinah, Vian Gold is also massive on TikTok. One of the most if not the most followed babe on that social platform with over 1.5M followers. She recently captured Lugaflo rapper, Fik Fameica’s attention and hired her services. She features him in Lock music video with other babes.

Lynda Ddane

She posses one of the most beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies in the media industry. With this, B2C had to hire her services. Lynda Ddane was the main vixen in B2C’s Munda Awo music video which has since garnered over 4.5M views on YouTube.

Belta Twerk

Belta is electric and bummy as Winnie Nwagi. She is fresh and aggressive with all massive artillery. She is one of the vixens in Ziza Bafana’s latest banger, ‘Embuzi’.


Etania has so far featured in two different videos; That of Fik Fameica’s Buligita plus Sheebah and King Saha’s Empetta. Rumor has it that she is the most paid among the vixens.

Nahia Idris

Nahia Idris features in Fik Fameica’s Lov-Lov video. Apparently Nahia is also Fameica’s daily snack in this lock down period. She has just entered into the entertainment industry but her beauty is taking her places!


She has featured in a couple of music videos and definitely features on this list too. A few days back she featured in John Blaq’s Mbimala along side Brinah.


She automatically joins the list of vixens even if she only features in hubby Bebe Cool’s songs. You remember Kasepiki? Zuena also features in Bebe’s Make A Wish love song.