Gulu Musicians are not happy with Gen. Saleh for ignoring them.

Gulu has now become the comforting home for every musician in Uganda. Almost every musician wants to visit the place, to have a share of the money from Gen. Salim Saleh, who seems to have created a “heaven” in the north.

The superstar association led by Jose Chameleone has been in Gulu in a bid to secure the bag but this has not gone well with entertainers in Gulu who are not happy. They held a press conference a few hours ago protesting Gen. Saleh’s decision to help musicians from Kampala, yet those in the district have not been helped.

Olara, who attended the conference narrated that these entertainers are angry that the General is not following the “charity begins at home” spirit and are planning to engage him through their umbrella body called Northern Entertainers association.

“It is unfortunate that the General could not think of anyone who is home-based. He thinks of musicians from that side. The association has decided to table its plea so that artists from here are also helped out because they have not been working too and many are dying of hunger,” said Olara, the representative of Gulu musicians.

A few weeks ago, promoters from Western Uganda also protested against the Government’s action to help promoters from Kampala and leave out those from other regions.