Songstress Naira Ali says she is doesn’t need Saleh’s money like Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

After her social media tirade last week accusing some local artists of frustrating her music career, singer Naira Ali is yet to drop the mic. She has now said she is leaving a very comfortable life that will not let her mind wander into the zone of considering free money. 

According to her, she worked too hard over the years to need a handout to live off. However, she recognized the fact that freebies are loved by everyone and encouraged those in need not to rest. She therefore sent out a message to Saleh that she doesn’t need his money.

“There is no one who does not like free things. But I do not think I need that money. I have worked hard for this and still working for it. I am going to work for myself. I do not need a handout. I am not a charity case that should be helped. But if there are those that want it, please go and get it,” songstress Naira Ali said

This comes days after a letter by the United Music Superstars Association leaked online giving a breakdown of how a few local artists are set to benefit from a stimulus package, to be advanced by the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).