During the POA star search finals, pregnant Cindy performed in a hideous ankle-length dress, which would do well to hide a burgeoning baby bump.

Pregnant Cindy performed in a hideous ankle-length dress

Known for her energetic performances and skimpy stage outfits, the self proclaimed King Cindy real names Cinderella Sanyu has shocked fans with her latest public appearance.

Cindy stepped out to perform at the Pearl of Africa- POA star search finals in a hideous ankle-length dress contrary to what she’s known for wearing during her crazy and electric stage performances.

We have now learnt that the boom party star is about 3 months pregnant. According to a reliable source, Cindy chose that outfit to help her hide her baby bump and is expected to give birth in January.

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Just this week, Cindy took to social media to respond to fans who wondered whether she is on family planning. They confessed to checking her out for a baby bump that their eyes have started hurting.

“Those saying I am on family planning make me laugh. I think family planning is needed, but I am in a very good part of my relationship and right now my career is slow because of the lock down. So yes, this could be the time,” she said.

Cindy confirmeda baby is cominga few days back

That said, she added that her pregnancy and baby affairs should not be so important to the point of becoming a national agenda.

“You are demanding for a child like a hit song. It is for me and Prynce, not for me and Uganda. I want a baby and I do not think it should be national news. It is not something I would want to share. But a baby is coming,” she added.

The singer introduced her fiancée Joel Okuyo Atiku Prynce to her parents home in Munyonyo. Cindy once said that she was waiting for her man to officially visit her parents before she gets pregnant for him.