Weasel Manizo was again making headlines following reports of him severely thumping his shamba boy identified as Kaweesi, leaving him hospitalized.

While speaking to the NBS TV UnCut show, Kaweesi’s mother who was down on her knees disclosed that her son was pummeled and left with a fractured leg, a wounded head, and other injuries.

According to Kaweesi’s mother, they were charged UGX 5M for the hospital scan and treatment in an effort to have her son get back on his feet.

She narrated that Weasel severely beat up her son while tipsy after the two fell out on Monday night for reasons that are yet to be established.

She then called upon the Mayanja family to come out and offer treatment to her son since she cannot afford the amount of money she was charged for the son’s treatment.

Weasel’s mother was quick to defend her son and asked to be pardoned even when the police were hunting him down.

Up to date, Weasel has not been found and according to multiple sources, the singer is hiding at the mother’s house.

In a twist of events, Weasel’s mother has defended him saying he did not beat up Kaweesi but instead Kaweesi broke his leg jumping over a fence. “He jumped over a fence and fell. I think they fought as children. He told me with his own mouth that Weasel only punched him twice. But there were other people that wanted to continue beating him so he ran to jump over a fence. Thus the injuries. They did not know he had fallen and injured himself outside. He fell and landed on something because all the injuries are on one side. He said Weasel did not beat him and he jumped over the fence himself. It is there in his statement. I even told his parents to know they have been together for all this time. Weasel has been taking care of him. I would have been annoyed if he had beaten and thrown him outside, but he jumped and fell. He admitted it himself,” she fumed.

However, the Police are yet to issue a statement on this new side of the matter.