Bobi Wine stressed that Afghanistan is just nearer to America and that it would be much easier for Biden’s country to host 2000 afghan refugees.

National Unity Platform strongman, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is not happy with the government for allowing Afghan refugees in the country.

A few days back US government asked the Uganda government to host about 2000 Afghan refugees who were fleeing their country after the Taliban Militants overthrew the ruling Afghanistan government.

The Taliban have returned to power 20 years after a US-led intervention ousted them in 2001.

Like always, President Museveni agreed the deal to take in the refugees following a request from Biden. Uganda has a long history of welcoming refugees – and is currently home to around 1.3 million people! But Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine cannot put up with the fact that Uganda is taking in more 2000 refugees!

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While appearing on BBS TV this week on Wednesday, Bobi Wine claimed that the deal between US president and Museveni to allow these Afghan refugees in the country only shows that Taata Muhoozi dances according the white man’s tunes.

The pop-star cum famous politician further stressed and reasoned that Afghanistan is just a stone throw distance to America compared to Uganda and it would be much easier for Biden’s country to host the 2000 refugees.

“Kino eky’okuleeta abanoonyi b’obubudamu kuno kiraga nti Museveni akolera ku ntoli za bazungu. Olowooza wakati wa Yuganda ne Afghanistan ne Afghanistan ne Amerika wa ewasinga okubeera okumpi? Ojja kwewunya okuzuula nti Amerika kumpi okusinga okubaleeta e Yuganda“, he said.

However after Bobi’s statement, immunized Bazukulu were quick to make research and ask Mr. Google if indeed Uganda is far away from Afghanistan compared to US and guess what? Their findings reveal otherwise.

A one Nelson Walozi rushed to comment; “Ssebo wesulise zuukuka ofuke”.

Bak Jones also joined the debate; “From Afghanistan to America is very very far compared to Uganda”.

Hosea Karyaija commented; “But here is very near compared to yours,the bible says they have eyes but they dont see”