Socialite Anita Fabiola is irritated by social media in-laws who think she is as extravagant as Maria Antoinette, with remarkable gold-digging skills of a sumbie vendor!

Online in laws took to social media and called out Fabiola after she confessed that her man, Mark Ronald Mubiru is not bothered with the fact that she is high maintenance. Netizens branded her a gold a digger and she’s now all out sneezing, telling them off!

Why do people keep saying I’m a gold digger ? My fiancé loves & enjoys the fact that I’m high maintenance“, she twitted.

Ever since Fabiola started swallowing Mark Ronald’s Cassava in 2018, he has been showering her with expensive gifts and bankrolling her flashy lifestyle. The pair have gone on countless Baecations.

They have bonked in posh beach hotels in France, Spain, UAE, Zanzibar, Brazil, Miama…name them!

One morning in 2020, the former NTV ‘Be My Date’ presenter woke up to a brand new Mercedes Benz courtesy of Mark! Apparently she had pressured him and complained of cruising in a cheap Toyota Harrier yet she’s classy.

In 2020 when Sevo put the whole country under total lock down, a 26 year old Fabiola took to her Instagram and indirectly told the love-blinded boyfriend that she wanted to fly out to Ibiza to shake off stress!

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According to keen social media in-laws, almost all her posts are seemingly about drying up Mark’s pockets!

Earlier this week, Fabiola posted a picture pecking Mark Ronald while on a vacation with a caption “He takes me places I’ve never been, so I’ll do things I’ve never done”.

One of her followers, a one Kakeeto James asked her if she thinks her man loves to splash heavily on such vacations. He also questioned if she would stay with him in case he runs broke.

Fabiola relied “He is rich enough to afford the best luxuries in the world. You can only dream”.

Fabiola is a socialite and has been branded a gold digger because of the choice of men she dates. She dated Bad Black ex-boyfriend, Meddie Ssentongo when he had dimes. Moved places with Rich Gang member, Ed Cheune among others.

In 2018, she started dating businessman, Mark Ronald Mubiru and he visited her parents on November 2nd, 2018.

Since then, the pair have been living as husband and wife.

As Mark celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, he proposed to Fabiola and she said yes.