Meet Tash Hubby, The Fabulous & Classy TV Star Possessing Gigantic Boobs All Her Fans & Friends Crave For

Almost every girl who has a presentable body in this era of social media wants to either be a model or TV Star , and those that are passionate enough about the spotlight will risk it all to be seen.

However, not all these are worthy as few end up giving substandard results at photoshoots, and/or pulling up an incoherent presentations during live TV shows. But fashion model & celebrated TV star Tash Hubby is a the super sexy lady who deserves a seat at the table of socialites.

Currently working with Buganda owned TV station BBS ‘Telefayina’, Tash Hubby is the kind of chic who knows how to keep her followers engaged by posting seductive pics of herself on all social media platforms. Her Facebook and Instagram pics generate more traffic than some fake Ugandan tabloids.

Boasting of a well-trimmed waistline and artistically created wide curves, Tash Hubby is one hell of a slay queen who leaves her followers not only salivating but only wishing to get a piece of her even if it took just 2 minutes.

Best known for keeping many girls jealous, Tash Hubby’s IG is a paradise of its own. She flaunts her s#xy body in stunning selfies taken from places around Kampala having fun, touring, outing and, well in bed. Meet Meet