A 24-year-old woman was reportedly knocked dead by a speeding police truck this morning at Kalerwe along the bypass.

Penelope Kyomuhendo a local from Kyebando in Kawempe Division was apparently travelling by boda boda to town for her first day of work when she met her death. Eyewitnesses at the scene claim the police truck was moving at breakneck speed on Thursday morning at 7:20 am when it hit the Motorbike and sped off. She died on the spot.

The witnesses narrate that when Kyomuhendo attempted to jump off the motorbike, she was hampered by the narrow road, which was partially closed by a Mota-Engil Company truck, leaving little space for vehicles, boda bodas and pedestrians alike and yet, the police truck kept pushing against them from the rear.

By the time this story was filed, the police had not yet arrived at the scene and the lifeless body of Kyomuhendo lay in a pool of blood by the roadside.

The Police has however commented on the matter saying investigations into the matter have commenced establishing whether a police truck was really involved.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the death: “Police at Wandegeya are investigating a fatal accident that involved a hit and run. The victim was knocked down by a speeding truck where members of the public allege it had police number plates.”