It is now a public secret that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz are no more. The two entertainers parted ways, putting an end to their 6 months love story after Nina Roz introduced Andre to her parents.

However, worthy noting is that Nina and Andre’s entanglement kicked off from their night studio sessions as they searched for a hit song. Yes indeed they managed to score some hits together before breaking up.

But now, the tall and gorgeous female star has moved on already! She has embarked on doing serious music.

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Just today, Monday 18, the single and searching songbird has a brand new love song with promising star Faymous titled Oli Wange. Oli Wange can be loosely translated as ‘you are mine

Oli Wange has that sort of urban zouk touch with soothing but groovy beats crafted by famed producer Nessim. In this song Nina expresses her feelings for Faymous who in return assures her that she belongs to him.

The pair have been rumored to be dating but it seems they only ended up doing this lovely collabo.

The video of the song directed by Zyga fix & Faymous by is out already.