Mr Henrie encircles Prima’s waist as Radio Star carries bonkmate on his lap during hyped up party

Early this week, renowned city socialite Prima Kardashi celebrated her 28th birthday in epic style & fashion.

The fast-rising entrepreneur also used the same day to celebrate the one year she has spent in a romantic relationship with Galaxy FM’s self-styled love presenter, Mr Henrie.

To make her birthday both memorable and exciting, Prima invited a couple of friends & top musicians for a boat ride inside an exquisite red Yacht.

Onboard the high end cruiser sailing across the mighty Lake Victoria, Prima not only got to enjoy the company of her lovely boyfriend, Henrie, but also experienced deep love and support from her friends on the Yacht.

From the pictures shared on Instagram, it is clear that Henrie, who is known for making ladies feel comfortable, did everything for his woman to have a nice day.

In one of the pictures that’s captured online attention, a shy-looking Henrie is seen encircling Prima’s waist while carrying her on his lap during the party.

The enterprising couple, donned in matching black and white outfits, are all smiles as musician, Unknown, sings his beautiful love song ”Radio Call 9′ for the friends in attendance.Prima captioned the picture, “Phase 28.I love you All.”