Zari: GK Choppa begged me for three years and I finally gave chance

Socialite Zari Hassan is currently in the country and yes, she has taken time off to respond to some of the burning unanswered questions.

Early this month, the classy mother-of-five unveiled GK Choppa as her new boyfriend to the public. She left many wondering how the two lovebirds met and possibly started laying strategies of bonking.

Speaking to journalists at Pearl of Africa Hotel on Friday, where she’s set to host a mega pool party this weekend, Zari finally opened the lid on how she met GK Choppa in South Africa, after three years of begging her for a chance to chew her bearded meat.

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Visibly in the mood to let the cat out of the bag, she revealed that during that period of laying traps to woo her, Choppa used to dangle countless gifts above her mouth, including hard cash but she always played hard to get.

Fortunately, after a long while, the tried and tested bedroom field Marshall finally allowed to link up with Choppa in South Africa and one thing led to another.

Check out video of the full interview below: