For the past few weeks, Linda Uwamahoro alias Lynda Ddane and Ndagire Edith alias Mutoni Etania have not been seeing eye to eye after screenshots about the latter backbiting the former and eyeing her spot on NTV The Beat leaked to the media.

In the screenshots we share on this website two weeks ago, a chain of Etania’s friends told the notorious Ssenga Acid about Etania bad-mouthing Lynda Ddane and eyeing her daily show seat on NTV The Beat.

The moment Ssenga Acid made the information public, it sent Lynda Ddane into a depression that she is still struggling to recover from despite putting on a smile day after day.

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Now it looks like Etania has started getting backfire.

Based on the screenshots we have landed on, Etania who was born on 25th November 1996 was trolled for having a villager signature. “Teyasoma ezo signature zabanakyalo. Ngamba abalimi ba mawogo” one of the trolls read.

Mutoni Etania and Lynda Ddane are set to host NTV The Beat together on Tuesday Evening as the Serena-based TV station celebrates International Women’s Day.

Well, it looks like this is a backfire that is just getting started and we shall surely keep you updated about the progress.