Sheebah unveils Royal Rose as her bedtime sweetheart

For so long, Sheebah Karungi has trashed men and advised fellow women to quit toxic relationships as she champions feminism cause.

She has always told her fans, The Sheebaholics, that they can stay single and happy, without stress and resort their energies into building an empire, without the messy grandsons of Adam. She tells the loyal Sheebaholics to emulate and take her example, reasoning that since she is rich, she needs no man to live a happy life because ‘whatever a man can do, she can do better’!

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Sheebah, 33, who was a few days ago harassed by a perverted man, who had booked her to perform at a private party over the weekend, stunned her followers on Monday afternoon when she unveiled Royal Rose (2 in 1), a toy women use to pleasure themselves, on her SnapChat account. The former Team No Sleep (TNS) star, who parted ways with her music Godfather, Jeff Kiwa, captioned; “my own,” a clear statement for everyone to read between the lines.

Royal Rose rings at UGX 57000 on the market, a price tag which is way too little for a loaded person like Sheebah to afford! Hers is red in colour. Unlike other toys, Rose (2 in 1) seems to work magic for Sheebah and she isn’t shy to let the cat out of the bag. Apparently it makes her reach the finishing line multiple times, with no fuss.

The self-proclaimed Queen Karma also has in the past been linked to entertaining fellow babes. The likes of Keko and Nina Roz, are apparently in her good books.

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