Mc Kats cries out loud as video of Caroline Marcah playing Ping Pong with Jacob Omutuze leaks

A warm video of Bukedde TV Star Caroline Marcah having a good time with fellow media personality Jacob Omutuuze has left social media speculating what exactly could be going on between the two entertainment presenters.

In the video making rounds on TikTok, a relaxed and laid back Carol is overheard telling Jacob how he’s privileged to be having a wife who takes good care of him, to which Jacob replies in denial saying he is just single with no one taking good care of him.

In the clip, the pair keeps on whispering sweet nothings as Carol asks Jacob if he finds it ok when a girl like her takes him out for a date to which he replies in the affirmative.

On seeing the video making rounds on social media, online in-laws quickly turned their guns to Caroline’s boyfriend, MC Kats, with many saying when he eventually sees the video of the pair, he will definitely have high chances of collapsing.

“I feel sorry for Kats. Am very sure when he sees this video he will have a heart attack,” a one Henry Nsubuga commented.