Cindy Sanyu has always had it rough with her fans, with a big section of them asking her to donate something from the proceeds of her boom party concert, since 2020.

The Boom Party concert attracted thousands of revellers, who came through to show Cindy some love… and yes indeed, the dancehall star is believed to have earned a fortune.

However, some fans had lost steam and given up on piling pressure on the artist, until she posted her branded jumpers on social media with a price tag. The fans instead reminded Cindy to return a favour. They asked her to give back to them.

“I hear it’s only 85k…Cindy what have you ever given out for us to continue supporting you… After your successful show when we were entering covid nothing even you gave back to pipo during lock down… We are seeing you pipo simububi,” a one Nelly Mosh commented.

Cindy, known for being a no-nonsense person, replied: “Nelly Mosh Bambi don’t buy the jumper. I am sorry I didn’t feed you during the lockdown. Mmsssstttteeew.”

She added: “My Jumpers aren’t a charity project. They’re for those who can afford them. If you can’t, it’s alright, I still appreciate you. Peace.”

A fortnight ago, Cindy bounced a P.3 child by the name of Rema K off the stage during her performance at Eco Fusion Munyonyo after she danced dirty before a crowd of old people.

Rema K was writhing on the floor in a manner that would have made Sheebah Karungi envious, something the Boom Party star couldn’t allow.

While she was bouncing her, Cindy explained to revellers that she would love so much to support the girl but can’t tolerate seeing her on stage at midnight.

“I’m sorry that I had to chase her off stage. But as a mother, I can’t tolerate seeing a young girl in the wee hours of the night performing for a mature audience while sexualizing her performance. That is robbing her of her childhood, it’s taking away her innocence,” she said.

Pouring her anger and frustrations out, the juvenile came out and blasted the 37-year-old dancehall maestro, labelling her a bad-hearted person.

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