From the look of things, Sheebah Karungi, Winnie Nwagi and all artists who love to show off some skin, will never set foot in any school to perform.

This was after the Ministry of Education finally cracked the whip and banned all raunchy music performances in schools, which artists such as Sheebah, Spice Diana, Karole Kasita and Winnie Nwagi are fond of.

The ban, which was issued on Monday August 1, takes immediate effect and is to be implemented in all schools, be it government or private, primary and secondary schools.

The directive was sent out to all school Head Teachers by Dr Jane Okou, on behalf of the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, not to hire or allow any of the culprits to entertain students in school.

“Failure to comply, will lead to school managers being personally held responsible and disciplinary measures charged against them,” Dr Okou warned.

“The purpose of this communication therefore is to inform all concerned to ban performances of this nature from school grounds. Clear guidelines will soon be officially issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports,” she further said.

Okou cited recent images which appeared in the media showing an explicit music performance at one of the schools in Kampala.

“It is also now clear that there have been several of these totally unacceptable and offensive functions allowed in schools in the name of extracurricular and entertainment activities,” she said.

“Extracurricular activities in school normally mean sports and games, debate clubs etc. If schools need to entertain themselves, then they can engage in acting plays or arrange concerts. However, inviting singers who dance erotic dances, naked in the schools in the guise of extracurricular activities must he forbidden hence forth,” Okou added.

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The concern of indecent performances in school was first raised by Hon. Sarah Opendi. While on the floor of the Parliament, Opendi explained that the singers’ skimpy outfits and raunchy dance moves as they perform in schools, are worse than AIDS and Ebola combined.

However, while speaking in an interview on local television, Sheebah was quick to blast and tell the honourable off, reasoning that it is not her responsibility to ask students not to dress like her.

“I tell parents, I am not going to raise your children. They are your responsibility, so stop blaming me for their immorality,” Sheebah said.

“I left our home when I was 14 years old and I raised myself. I am in my 30s, but there are weird things students do in schools that I have never even done in my life. So parents should sit down and teach their children what is bad and what is good,“ she added.

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