Chameleon goes on bended knee as he begs wife Daniella to stop putting Weasel on the spot over his baby mama’s pics

Singer Jose Chameleone has begged his wife Daniella Atim to ceasefire over the online campaign she recently launched against his brother Weasel Manizo following claims that he has been battering his baby mama Sandra Teta over a long period of time.

It should be noted that shortly after pictures of Sandra Teta (having a bruised face) leaked on social media, Daniella launched a campaign to have Weasel apprehended for the gruesome torture he allegedly meted out on his baby mama.

After days of calling on the public to put an end on Weasel’s violence, Daniella has received huge support from the people with many appreciating her for standing for the truth.

As a way of cooling the pressure created by Daniella, singer Jose Chameleone video called the mother of his kids and assured her that unlike the images that have been circulating on social media, Sandra Teta is fine and doing extremely well.

Chameleone, who was on call with Sandra, begged Daniella to ceasefire as there was no cause for alarm since the said victim was happy leading a normal life.

Daniella went ahead to share the full conversation she had with Chameleone as she captioned the screenshot with a precise message, “Last night Tata Abba video called me, he had Sandra “mu lusegere”. I asked him why he is taking around a woman flooded with make up instead of allowing her time away from all the noise to process and rethink her life. He said, “Mama Abba, Sandra tayina tabu.” All this while Sandra constantly wore a Big Bright Sad smile. I asked him if he is truly taking Sandra out for “fresh air” like he said or just pawning her on Weasel’s behalf? I told him I will not give them breathing space ….pressure after pressure.”