Good Lyf remaining half, Douglas Sseguya Mayanja, a.k.a Weasel Manizo, is not happy with colleague Buchaman’s wife, Mama Ghetto, as pressure for allegations of battering bae, Sandra Teta mounts.

Apparently, Mama Ghetto, real name Claire Selina Nangajja, is one of the formidable feminists who are working tirelessly to have Weasel brought to book over alleged domestic violence against Sandra Teta.

About a fortnight ago, Weasel found himself in a tight corner after photos of his partner in passion, with a deformed face, got leaked onto the internet. The public picked interest and called on authorities to investigate and tame or clip the hoarse-voiced ragamuffin’s wings if he is indeed the one behind the mess. Daniella Atim, wife of Weasel’s elder bro, Jose Chameleone, through endless posts on her Instagram page, amplified a campaign to have her in-law squeezed, regardless, and also pushed for Sandra’s ‘justice’.

Taking no prisoners, Daniella went an extra mile to pen down a lengthy letter to her hubby’s mum, Prossy Mayanja, in which she accused her of always covering up for her rowdy sons.

In the same letter, Daniella, somewhat revealed that actually, Mama Ghetto was the one feeding her with information about Sandra’s battering.

Dear mother-in -law, you and I know this is Sandra’s head after stitches.

This one time she had courage and reported to police with the encouragement of some of her friends who include @maamaghetto. But you dear mama talked her out of it, you talked her out of it and told her she can’t do that to the father of her kids…” Daniella’s letter reads in parts.

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On reading the letter, Weasel, who says he had warned Mama Ghetto to stop meddling in his family affairs, grabbed the phone and called Buchaman to talk to ‘Rasta’ and remind her to stay away from his rocky relationship. The raging 2013 BET Award nominee reminded Buchaman how he has hustled with his bae, Sandra.

“Yo Rasta, waguan… Bambi Rasta I called you last time, thinking I was talking to a Lion, who could advise his Lioness to stop meddling in my family affairs. But I think your wife is instead the Lion. Tell your wife to leave my family! She doesn’t know how far we have come. She doesn’t have a clue about my wife and I also don’t know her. I don’t even care who she is,” the dreadlocked star rages in a leaked recorded voice note.

Listen to the recorded voice note below;