Socialite Nana Weber turns heads in classy thigh revealing dress at Comedy Store

Socialite Nana Webber has always given social media something to talk about every time she makes an appearance at any known public gathering.

Known for her angelic looks, delicious booty and enormous thigh-power, the beautiful socialite always leaves male revellers panting like dogs every time she turns up at an event.

Yesterday night wasn’t any different as the self proclaimed philanthropist turned up at the Comedy Store wearing a skimpy silky black outfit that turned the heads of many revellers.

In a short snappy video recorded by one of our snoops, Webber can be seen making her way to the stage in sexy black heels, a little black leather dress that cups her nyash and boobs snugly and ensures every movement of her bottom is enhanced. The dress features laces that leave bare her yummy thighs and hips for all to ogle at. She tops it off with a long colourful mane on her head.

As usual, the crowd cheered her up for putting up such splendid appearance on a night when everyone was well covered because of the cold.

Watch video;

Socialite Nana Weber turns heads with her silky thigh revealing attire at the comedy store