The Police at Katwe are investigating two football fans behind the ruthless murder of a 25 year old man during a fight over last week’s Arsenal and Manchester City game.

The suspects are Ssemakula Eddie and Abigaba David, who are currently being held at Katwe police station on murder charges.

The deceased Allan Kakumba, an NRM youth Councillor for Masajja A in Makindye Sabagabo, Kampala died on his way to Mulago National Referral hospital for treatment. He was stabbed severally on the stomach with a sharp knife by Ssemakula.

Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan police deputy spokesperson, says police have since recovered the alleged Murder weapon of a knife to be used as an exhibit in the courts of law.

He explains that the duo started an argument over the game that ended in a fight between them, however, in the process of fighting, Kakumba came in to rescue them but sadly met his death.

“He was rushed to Mulago Hospital but unfortunately passed away on the 29th , 01 , 2023 . The two suspects are now in police custody as investigations continue” he said

The previous week, at least eight Arsenal fans were arrested in Jinja for putting traffic to a standstill while celebrating the club’s win against Manchester United in the English Premier League. Wearing the club’s red jersey and carrying a symbolic trophy the youth danced in the middle of the road for close to two hours before being picked up by police.

However, police at Jinja City CPS later released seven of the suspects and dropped charges of holding an unlawful procession levied on them after spending one night in detention. However, one suspect was retained in custody for the theft of 180 million shillings in Iganga.