Nurse arrested for raping patient

Police have netted an intern nurse attached to Entebbe Grade B hospital for allegedly raping a female patient while on duty.

The suspect identified as Kutesa Denis who is accused of attempting to rape two others, reportedly drugged his victims with chloroform at the Gynecology ward before raping them. He is currently in police custody at Entebbe Central Police Station following his arrest on Saturday February 18, 2023.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Public Relations Officer Kampala Metropolitan Police says Kutesa targets his patients at the gynae ward where he is deployed and drugs them using a substance suspected to be chloroform before raping them.

Owoyesigyire told our reporter Minah Nalule that upon his arrest, police searched Kutesa’s residence and recovered substances believed to have been used in the crime.

“Suspected chloroform substances were recovered from his place of residence at the hospital, and a letter was found where he requested to be prayed for immoral thoughts he had been experiencing.” he says

Owoyesigyire is now calling on other female victims who could have been raped by Kutesa to take advantage of his arrest to report to the nearest police station.

‘We urge anyone who may have been a victim to come forward and report to the nearest police station. We take all allegations of sexual assault very seriously, and we are committed to ensuring that justice is served for all victims.” He adds

He has assured the public that the safety and security of patients in hospitals remains assured as police continue to work closely with all stakeholders to avoid a repeat of such attacks in the future.